Skin Care

  • Improve skin color from black to fair & fair to fairer
  • Makes skin soft and moist
  • Prevents wrinkles on skin

Hair Care

  • Prevents hair loss (hair fall)/bald head
  • Prevents hair splitting
  • Prevents dry hair

Cloth Care

  • Makes washing easier
  • Makes cloths soft and brighter
  • Preserves cloth texture and color


  • Gives natural taste to food
  • Preserves natural color of food
  • Saves cooking time
Water is considered hard when it gives less lather with soap/detergent/shampoo. Water becomes hard when the Calcium and Magnesium concentration increases in the water.

Hard Water is one of the most common problems faced by most of the Indians. Because hard water can cause hair loss, bald head and spoils skin & its color.

Normally hard water (bore water or some municipal water) will contain high concentration of calcium and magnesium dissolved in it.

The water that gives more lather with soap/detergent/shampoo is called Soft Water. This is the water which does not have dissolved salts like Calcium and Magnesium.
Soft Water produces more lather with little amount of soap/shampoo/detergent.
Soft Water can be obtained from natural sources like rain water, mountain river water or through natural water softening equipments like RainSoft ™ Water Softener.
A Water Softener is an apparatus which removes Calcium and Magnesium salts dissolved in water and adds sodium to give softness to water.

Why Choose Us

  • Our dreams and years of research to invent an equipment which gives the world the SOFTEST water naturally at very affordable price and through a very handy-easy to use apparatus has come true now… yes finally we have invented this product and applied for patent.
  • RainSoft ™ water softener is a patent applied product and Registered Trade Mark, which was invented, developed and manufactured in India for Indian conditions.
  • RainSoft ™ water softener is environment friendly. It does not require any electricity or batteries or electronic controls for operation; it operates naturally through natural process.
  • RainSoft ™ water softener does not add any chemicals to soften the water. It eliminates hardness in the water naturally. So the water will be as soft as natural water (almost like RAIN WATER).

How to Install & How to Use tutorial of RainSoft Water Softener:

How to do regeneration/recharge tutorial of RainSoft Water Softener: