Water Softener

RainSoft Water Softener is the brain child and it was the dream of our CEO to invent an equipment which gives the world the SOFTEST Water at very affordable price and through a very handy-easy to use apparatus. Years of his research has succeeded and resulted in the invention of a patented product.

The invention of RainSoft Water Softener:

  • Water is very essential for survival and good health of human beings. Drinking Water ™ safeguards whole body of a human and Bathing Water™ safeguards the outer parts of the body like skin and hair.
  • There are hundreds of drinking water purifiers/mineral water available in the market. But for bathing water????……
  • ….Very few water softeners are available in India that too costing very high and are very tedious to maintain. These are not in reach of all the people due to maintenance problems and high cost.
  • To fill this gap we have invented a water softener which is low in price, easy to maintain, no electricity required, no chemicals added and natural way of softening the hard water. That is RainSoft ™ Water Softener.

How RainSoft Water Softener Works

RainSoft Water Softener is packed with resin beads. Each of these beads is “charged” with regenerant. Hard water with Calcium and Magnesium flows through this resin and, in a process called ion exchange, the hardness ions Calcium and Magnesium in the water replace with soft ions on the resin beads. The result is Soft Water.

Over a time, the resin beads will become covered with Calcium and Magnesium ions, diminishing their capacity to soften hard water. Through a process called regeneration/recharge, the resin beads will be cleaned.

RO Water Purifier:

  • RainSoft RO Water Purifier is a perfect product which purifies Raw Water naturally through multi stage (5 to 8 stages) purification system.
  • Made of food grade material.
  • Very low maintenance cost and high durability.
  • Purifies bore well water, salty water (not sea water), over head tank water, municipal water and corporation water.